Talking Wines selects hand-crafted wines that reflect the region where they are made. Natural, harmonious, balanced wines with the ‘wow’ factor but which don’t cost the earth. Their selection process means each is one of the best available of its type and great value.           

Less is more, especially when it comes to wine. For Deja Bu, wine should just be about adding pleasure in life without overthinking what is in the bottle. Made with passion in a sustainable organic way, wines from Burgundy that they sell are for everyone.         

Spiegel & Peach select wines made in family wineries, with minimal intervention, and are selected to be accessible in style and price. They like to focus on the lesser seen wine regions which offer great value and interesting terroir.

Xisto Wines import artisan wine from Portugal using traditional cargo ships. The voyage by sail leaves minimal impact on our planet, meaning this system of transport makes our wines positively “as good as local”.